A Brewtastic Afternoon

Hello, foodies and coffee lovers!

I am back with a very cool hip place. Last time I did a coffee shop review, it had a minimalistic theme (click here to check that post) and today I brought you another coffee place that has also an interesting vibe. I found about Gustos Coffee Co. on my way to a bus stop after work. At first sight, it really caught my attention because this local uses a lot of warm tones making it inviting.

I’ve been eyeing this shop for almost three weeks and every time I was on my way to the bus stop I would stare at the dark wood door with Gustos engraved in it.

 For those of you who are very curious about this place, it’s in Miramar. It is a block away from Miramar Food Truck Park and it’s in front of  Conservatorio de Música. Even though it’s a bit far away from places such as Fine Arts, it is located in a very nice area. What I noticed at first of the local is that they open all the windows. I guess there’s always a breeze coming and going in the local.

I arranged a last minute coffee date with my boyfriend (perfect excuse to finally go to Gustos). As I waited for him, I sat outside in the marble top tables they have and took out my laptop. The wind was strong but refreshing for a hot summer day. When my boyfriend arrived, we headed inside and I was amazed.

For those of you who may not know, I tend to browse in the internet cool coffee spots around the world (for when I have money to buy a ticket to whichever place, I can get gourmet coffee). Lately, I’ve been obsessed with coffee shops from all over California and Gustos has a California vibe to it. Everything is very vintage and there’s a lot of trumpets and bicycles hanging around the entire shop.

The second thing that I noticed right away was the service. I sat down and there was a barista/waiter asking me if I needed help. I asked him about the menu and he pointed to a bunch of small paper holders hanging from a pipe.

I took one and I looked at it extensively. They serve lunch until 3:30 p.m. which consists of salads, sandwiches and wraps. I wanted to try them all but I went for a vegetarian option (that’s called vegetariano) just because the ingredients sounded REALLY good. After choosing what I wanted to eat, I went to the cash register to order a drink. Since it was a hot day, I decided to experiment with cold brew coffee. I wanted to order an iced coffee but the barista told me that it was literally black coffee with ice (I still haven’t got to that hardcore coffee level) so I switched into ordering an iced latte with a splash of almond milk.

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetAfter I ordered my meal, minutes later my iced latte was served. I am not a fan of iced coffee but if it’s hot outside, I have to cool down with something refreshing with a kick of caffeine. As you can see in my first photo of this blog post, my coffee has that normal light brown color. However, when I got handed my iced latte it looked like marble. The splash of almond milk was not fully mixed with the coffee making it have a swirl effect. It looked beyond beautiful.

The iced latte had a very strong bitter taste of coffee. I had to put a spoonful of brown sugar so the bitter taste could go away for a bit. As the ice cubes began to melt, it diluted the strong taste and after that, I got used to the flavor. Nevertheless, it was very good!

Now, we’re going to talk about the food. My boyfriend and I happen to order the same sandwich: the vegetarian one. This sandwich consists of provolone, tomatoes, pesto sauce and onions. I’ve eaten lots of vegetarians sandwiches before and this one has got to be my favorite of them. When I took a bite out of the vegetarian sandwich, my eyes rolled back (that’s how glorious it was). I just kept repeating out loud “wow”. It was an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Just by writing about it makes my mouth water. They served it in a white plate covered with what it seemed to be a newspaper (tissue paper, of course) served with a side of kettle cooked chips!

After I indulged and stuffed myself with deliciousness, it started to rain outside. However, this gave me an opportunity to chill around the coffee shop and explore it. Little did I know, Gustos had a shelf that sells tumblers, hats, coffee, t-shirts and more. They had coffees from Las Marías and Yauco in the shelf. I would surely like to buy in a near future a coffee pack from Gustos.




Another thing that drew my attention is where they make the food. It’s a small bakery with a small window where you can see when the cooks are baking bread and other things. I think this is my favorite part of this shop. I’ve never seen a coffee boutique and a bakery integrated in one shop. This makes this local even more unique than the other ones I’ve gone to. I could literally stare all day at the cooks just baking and cooking (but I don’t want to make them uncomfortable, you know!)

The food, the service and the decoration of this place met my expectations and impressed me a lot. This is a great place for coffee dates, reunions and/or for a place to study. There’s a big comfy couch in the back of the shop with a charging station where you can sit down and relax. EVEN THEIR BATHROOM IS VERY ARTISTIC AND VINTAGE! It’s too bad I can’t post a video here so you could see it. As I said previously in my reviews, I take decorations and ambient seriously. It’s like the cherry on top! This shop has a unique way of decorating their space making me loving more the coffee which is the star of the show. I loved everything: sandwich, coffee, embellishment, and service.

I would recommend this coffee shop to everyone! The food can be a bit pricey (7-13 dollars) if someone is on a tight budget however the coffee is a friendly price range. Next time, when it’s not a hot humid day, I will gladly order my favorite: a mocha. This one, by far, is my new favorite coffee shop. Remember guys, indulge yourselves once in a while and always support your locals. If you’ll excuse I will continue to enjoy mi iced latte. I’ll see you next time!




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