Minimalism Meets Coffee Shop

Hello, my lovelies!

July, my favorite month of the year. Even though the weather gets warmer, I still need my coffee from time to time. It is one of the months where everybody travels and work could be slower than usual, especially in the afternoon. I don’t know about you guys, but I get oddly tired at 3o’clock (15:00) at work or anywhere else. I need something that can pick me up and stay alert.

On a hot Saturday afternoon, July 1st, after finishing lunch in Calle Loíza, I was in the mood for a cup of coffee and simply unwind for a bit more.

I was told months ago to visit a coffee shop whose theme was minimalistic. For those of you know who don’t know, I love minimalistic decor and to style it as a coffee shop, it really intrigued me. I’ve seen lots of pictures of the place and I was dying to visit the shop.

Café con Cé is behind Café Tresbé (if you haven’t checked out my post about their delicious smoothies, click here on the link). The local is known for their beautiful mural of a girl in a green dress. From a distant you can see neon lights inside of the coffee shop stating “TOMA CAFÉ” (in english it would be translated to “DRINK COFFEE”.)

When I entered, my eyes went straight to a table that had stationary supplies such as notebooks, agendas, etc. The cutest part is that it has the name of the local or their iconic “Ć” printed on them. I am also a total sucker for stationary supplies! This place was already conquering my heart.

Next, my eyes fell to what it seemed to be a small minimalist shelf. The first thing that drew my attention was this small vintage speaker. Another thing that drew my attention was a personalized paper cup at the top shelf. A girl who worked there told me that the cup was drawn by one of the gals that work in Tresbé. Every little detail they had in this shelf made the place a more unique. It is indeed a peculiar coffee shop.
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I  was fascinated by the decor this place had. Even though it is very simple (hence it’s called minimalist), it stands out from other coffee shops I’ve gone to. This local gives a relaxed and clean ambient.

The moment of truth: coffee tasting. I ordered a 12oz mocha, you know, the usual. The presentation was very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. They even give you the coffee with a small sugar cookie. I haven’t drank coffee for a while now so I was looking forward to indulge myself. As I took a sip of it, I noticed a small hint of chocolate nutty flavor. You wanna know what’s the best part? I didn’t even need to put sugar. I usually put two because at times other shops give me very strong mocha but this one was perfect. Oh, how I truly missed the flavor of coffee!

After taking two small sips, I noticed that there was a door in the back of the coffee shop that lead to a small patio. I grabbed my cup and sat outdoors. At first, I thought it was going to be a bit hot outside but it was perfect. It was a bit warm but at moments felt a breeze caressing my skin, every now and then. Since I was already indulging myself, I decided to take out a small notebook and write a little bit. You know, dedicating some “me” time!

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The thing that I liked about this patio is that you can hear from a distance a soft music that comes from Café Tresbé. Also, there’s a lot of plants hanging everywhere, making the environment a welcoming one. This place is coffee date material! Overall, it did not disappoint me at all! The decor, the coffee, the patio were all unique. It’s the first coffee shop that I’ve gone to that has an actual theme. Just to be clear, the local was fantastic but the coffee is the star of the place. I take the environment and decor seriously because I think it just adds more fun than just grab your coffee and go, but the coffee has to be great. Cafe con Cé offers you that and then some. Buy an iced coffee or whatever it pleases you, get comfy and unwind. It’s a great shop to just relax and drink some deliciousness! 10/10 would recommend. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be taking more pics of Café Con Cé so my instagram can look pretty aesthetic!

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