8 Facts You Don’t Know About Me:

Hello, bubs!

who is A?-3

It’s been forever, I know, I apologize! However, I have been active on instagram and twitter and you guys know that I’ve been blabbering a lot about new ideas for the blog. I decided that I am going to start doing more lifestyle to be more active and engage with many of you beautiful people. I figured I should introduce myself a little bit more!

I always signed in the end of every article “-A”. No, I did not get this idea from Pretty Little Liars (but it’s very cool to write it like that). Anyway, many of you perhaps want to get to know me a bit better and in the future, maybe we could do our nails and talk about boys. Just like a best friend! Without further ado here are 8 facts about myself that you may not know.

  1. My name is Alanis.


    Yes, my mom was a huge fan of Morissette in the 90’s. Apparently, my name was a struggle to pronounce when I was a kid. I got called: Alianis, Aliana, Leilani, and Alana. Now that I’m older, I got to meet other “tocayas”.  However, my name gets misspelled EVERY TIME I go to starbucks: Alannis, Alaniz, Alaneez, Allanyz, and the list goes on. Now, I go by the name Antonmattei because of my muse, my step-dad. He always believed in me from the very start when I wanted to study photography. To have an artist supporting another artist means a lot to me. That is why I took his last name and made it into my artist name.

  2. I have a weird accent.

    giphy-7.gifHear me out! My family has many different roots and I am the only one in my family who was born in Puerto Rico. Y’all know where I am going with this: you can hear different accents in just one room. I didn’t realize that I have an accent until last year when I started college. People kept asking where I was from and it shocked me a little. I think it’s because I’m always imitating my family’s different accents that now I have a Cuban/Spanish/Puerto Rican accent all in one.

  3. I am VERY shy.


    For you, it may be hard to believe because I can be “bocona” and very loud in my insta-stories and in my snapchats. I get nervous and shy when I meet new people but once you get to know me better in person I am as loud and “bocona” as I am on my social media. I am very quiet at first and since I get nervous I tend to get tongue tied. I’M TRYING MY VERY BEST, OKAY?!

  4. My brain is 90% lyrics


    In my leisure time, I browse through Spotify or on youtube looking for some new jams. My brain is a library! I have gone through many music genres and phases that I have a wide variety in taste. I go from My Chemical Romance to Gerry & The Pacemakers, from Disclosure to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. If you say something like “chunky sweater”, you better believe I’m going to sing Chunky by Bruno Mars. Music has made a large impact in my life and has definitely built my personality!

  5. I used to write stories 6 years ago. 


    When I was 12, I used to write stories about my dreams and about my alter ego, Ali, who had superpowers whose emotions would reflect the weather. I had a notebook –ahem, a novel– filled with chapters and crazy plots. Back in my days, fictionpress was THE coolest place ever known to young writers. I would read anything that had romance and vampires (classic Twilight fan). I published a prologue and the first two chapters but there was a girl who wrote a comment that basically told me “you suck”. My fragile 12-year old heart couldn’t take it and I stopped writing. It wasn’t until last year that I started writing again when I got involved in History. I still think I’m rusty on my writing but I will get better!

  6. I have an obsession with France.


    I truly believe that I was a French girl in another life. Everything that I like is subconsciously linked to France. I am a gal that LIVES for stripes: stripe pants, stripe shirts, stripe dresses, etc. That is my statement piece! I have two Eiffel Tower stickers in my room, my favorite Pixar film is Ratatouille and if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it! My favorite painter (aside from my babe Klimt) is Henri De Toulouse Lautrec. And, my birthday is a French holiday, don’t you think that is a little too coincidental? IT’S FATE, I TELL YOU!

  7. I love to eat food but… 

    giphy-5.gifThere are some things that I can’t eat or drink. I had really bad gastritis back in high school due to stress and poor eating habits. Unfortunately, it runs in the family to have a stomach that sucks. I can’t eat anything spicy, acidic or too greasy (basically everything that I like). Which is why you see me eating a lot of vegetarian or vegan foods even though I’m not vegetarian (yet). Every now and then I tend to cheat and stuff myself with junk food. Also, I’m not suppose to drink coffee but, hey, I came here for a good time not for a long time!

  8. My hobby turned into my career.

    giphy-6.gifWhen I was little I wanted to be a doctor. In ninth grade, I wanted to be an architect because I loved to sketch and design but I hated math. At tenth grade, I started to like psychology but then I met a psychologist and she told me that it drained her emotionally everyday. Yikes, bye-bye psychology! I was frustrated because I had to start looking for colleges and nothing really appealed to me except photography. I started to apply to art schools and some family members were not happy with my decision. However, my mom and my step-dad fully supported me in every step of the way. I was overwhelmed because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone but I was really disappointing myself. I should study what I love and what it makes me happy! And that’s what I’m doing now!

Now, you got know me a little bit better! Remember to always be true to yourself and strive for your dreams. Don’t let anyone get in your way and tell you what YOU should do! Focus on your happiness and what is right for you. Until next time!



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