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A quick historical background
All my life I have lived in Bayam贸n. For the past year, I have seen Bayam贸n grow and flourish in different ways. I have seen pasturelands transformed into an Olive Garden and Famous Dave’s. Also how the famous El “Mogote” in Bayamon’s Science Park gave way to a business hotel called HYATT. In other words, Bayam贸n is an option if you are looking for something new. Still, personally, as you all know, aim for something local, and… I found it.

There was one place in Bayam贸n, however, that needed a little upgrade: El pueblo de Bayam贸n. El pueblo de Bayam贸n has potential to bring youth to the area for obvious reasons. It is walking distance from the last train station; Bayam贸n, therefore it can appeal to to anyone close to the train. HINT: UPR and Sagrado students!!!  In addition, this area in Bayam贸n has a lot of small colleges. So..people, let me introduce you to the next new spot: El Nido.

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This building has wonderful stories back from the 1860’s. Nevertheless, it was mostly known as the famous barber shop of Perucho. It was a barber shop for almost 30 years. (Antigua Barber铆a de Perucho.) El Nido’s owner always dreamt of having a store in this exact building and now his dream came true. He waited for the right moment and El Nido was born. It was interesting to know, that while renovating the place, the floor started to give in and as a result they discovered a tunnel-like space called El Aljibe. Aljibe is an arabic word for the place where the Medieval citizens of Spain would store water.  They preserved the place and are showing it off by placing an acrylic top and you can literally stand on top of it and see everything. It is an conversation piece that gives the place something special.

They told me that they are still thinking how they are going to use this wonderful space. Maybe it could be use as a wine/liquor storage in the near future or, who knows?Imagination is the limit.. SERIOUSLY, how cool is that? This place has a lot of history and it can’t get any more rad. The aesthetic of this building is ridiculously insane. The bricks on the wall remind me of Old San Juan. It gives the place a historic feel and warmth to the place.

Th concept of fashion, art and bar is kind of unique and gives the public a lot to choose from..

Moving to the main thing, APPAREL.

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Truth to be told, I was fascinated by the products they have. The interesting thing about El Nido is that this is a concept store. Their main goal is to help local companies flourish and give them exposure in the store. They have a wide variety of things: from hats to t-shirts, swimsuits, “sillitas de playa”, beauty products, beard/grooming products and jewelry. I was in love with their products.

The brands that are currently in the store are:

Processed with VSCO with e1 presetTo be honest, I fell in love with the products they were selling. They sell quirky shirts as well as apparel/miscellaneous products with a little of dark humor in them (mainly political/statehood jokes). The one thing that I couldn’t get my eyes off was a backpack that had the world map printed in them. Like, excuse me, do you know how many compliments are you going to receive over a helluva cute backpack? Also, they had a tropical print backpack. You guys know, that I am a lover of tropical prints and stripes.

That backpack will soon be mine, in a near future. Also, I fell in love (again) with their shirts and hats that said, pardon my french, Co帽o. But hey, we use that word for everything. It’s part of our vocabulary and it’s a part of who we are.

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What I love about this concept store is that ALL the brands are local-based companies. Some of the products may not be crafted here but the money goes directly to the local. We need more stores like this. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a rad t-shirt from an urban local store like this. I am PRETTY sure you won’t find any of these at Forever 21 or H&M.

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They also have lots of interesting jewelry… You HAVE to check them out.

Another thing that caught my attention was a beautiful white chair (not for sale but for show.)

Remember when I told you that this building was a famous barber shop? El Nido has the honor of having one of the original chairs from the barber shop. It was restores and it is majestic. They have a station for the use of a barber like the old times, isn’t it great? The power of the beard! As mentioned previously, there’s a brand that El Nido is selling that specializes in grooming. To be honest, I’ve never seen such a photogenic chair like this one.

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And last but not least, the bar. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they have also a bar. El Nido sells local beer only and liqueur. And of course,  our famous one, Medalla. Did I mention that they also sell appetizers? #BONUS. Unfortunately, I was not able to taste their food  but I can tell you that it smelled heavenly! It’s a great hangout spot if you’re with your friends and you want to do something low-key.

As you all can see, this concept store has a wide variety of products and it targets different audiences. I think it is fantastic that stores like these want to help other locals and business people to achieve their goals. If you have the opportunity and acquire some of their products, As I said, you’ll be receiving a lot of “驴ea, y ese flow?” or “bro/girl, where did you get that?” and trust me, that’s a confidence booster. Bottom line, invest on your locals. There numerous of talented boricuas selling their artwork for a living. I think that it is fascinating, you can see clearly that if you strive for what you’re passionate about, you will go far in life. El Nido is just beginning. Don’t forget to like them on facebook and follow them on instagram.

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Remember guys, ALWAYS support your locals.




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