I’m In Love With The Coco 🎶

Hello, my sunshines!

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Did you miss me? I sure did miss all of you! I have been caught up with a lot of work at college and stress is kicking in. I’m sorry I have abandoned you! But do not fret, I am back with a little fruity and vegan treats for you.

A friend of mine recommended me this place where they sell açaí in a coconut and a pineapple bowl… SAY WHAT?! Yup, you heard me. I’ve watched videos on facebook about açaí in a coconut bowl but they were only sold in California but it is finally here in Puerto Rico. The local is called Olas Açaí, a small kiosk in Piñones. The location is perfect, it’s in front of the beach, Playa Aviones, where lots of surfers meet and take a swim, and what better way to refresh your tastebuds with some açaí?

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My friends, my boyfriend (surprise!) and I did a small road trip to the local. Of course, one of them already knew where was the place so she was guiding us (thank you, Jessica *sparks emojis*). The good thing about this place is that they serve a good amount of açaí, unlike other places where they put very little amount and could be a tad expensive. I lowkey wanted the pineapple bowl but my heart desired for the coconut since I am crazy for coconuts. The fruit bowls will cost you $12 dollars and the pineapple would cost you 12-15 dollars. But I promise you it’s worth it! They give you a ridiculous amount of açaí that you’ll be full all day! You get to choose 3 toppings: raspberry, blueberry, blackberries, bananas, kiwi, pineapple and many more. Also you can put nutella, coconut oil, honey and other toppings with an additional cost of 75 cents. Not only they sell fruit bowls but also they sell a variety of açaí of your preference (BONUS!)

Processed with VSCO with c2 presetMy friends and I decided to split it since it’s a big portion. One coconut had pineapple, bananas, kiwi and coconut flakes, and the other coconut had blueberries, raspberries, bananas and a little bit of drizzled coconut oil. It did not take long to make which was good cause g i r l I was really hungry. AND CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE THEY LOOK?! My boyfriend’s and I looked so cute with all the cool tones of the berries; my friends looked so tropical with the yellow and green tones.

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Here’s a behind the scenes and look at my face of happiness
With the little umbrella, like, are you kidding me? They look so freaking cute. When I posted the photos, my phone was blowing up with a lot of messages of: “OMG, WHERE IS THIS?” Obviously, it was my time to give promo of this place because honestly, the presentation of these are insane. Everyone needs to experience this heavenly treat sent from the gods of the amazon. Açaí is so good for you, first of all it’s VEGAN! Not only that but also:

  • boosts your energy and your immune system
  • improves cellular health
  • helps digestion (for all of those who have a stomach that sucks like mine, this is a great detox)
  • promotes heart health (just like wine, my gals)
  • promotes skin health

and many more!

In addition, my boyfriend and my friend (Jessica) bought popsicle in the same kiosk, Olas Açaí, but from other local called Los Paleteros.  This local make these popsicles handmade and have many little shops around the metro-area in Puerto Rico. They have flavors like passionfruit, coconut, strawberry-kiwi, nutella and more. My friends went for the passionfruit and honestly, I ain’t a big fan of passion but G I R L I took a bite of the popsicle and I was divine.

In conclusion, it was an exquisite tropical treat that I exhort you guys and gals to enjoy this every once in a while. And, can we talk how instagrammable is this yellow background?! Seriously, it’s epic for tropical photos. For a bunch of hipsters like my gang, we really enjoyed this tropical day. Shoutout to my boyfriend for the wonderful pics and to my friend Jessica for showing me this place that I’ve longed to go. If you’re at Piñones either sunbathing or surfing and you’re in need of a healthy treat, Olas Açaí is the place to go. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook (Los Paleteros PR, Olas Açaí) and follow their instagram (@olasacai, @lospaleterospr). Remember, treat your body right and support your locals! You’ll thank them and me later 😘

See you next time!

– A



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