Degas Comes To Life

Let’s say I’ve been out of the photography business since December of 2015. Truth to be told, I was uninspired. I felt like a broken record player because my brain wasn’t bombarding me with ideas and cool projects. I am always daydreaming but it was impossible for me to stimulate my artistic senses and put them into work.

For those lovelies whom don’t know, photography has always been a passion of mine since I was eleven years old collecting Vogue magazines and fantasizing of becoming a photographer one day in the fashion industry. My mind is constantly swarming for ideas and next projects to come about.

2016 was a year of no creations, no beginnings and no opportunities in the photography business. I was frustrated and bummed out. But then, I started to listen to classical music on my way to the university and millions of ideas brightened up my brain like a christmas tree. But there was one piece that got stuck in my mind for months (since September). It was a song from one of my favorite sappy movies: One Day. I pictured a girl dancing at the beach with the gold sunny rays bathing her. My heart wanted to get out of my chest when I imagined all the scenario.

Luckily, I had a friend that was studying Ballet in the states and she was coming this winter. I told her the plan and we made my small scenario that I created on a warm September in my imagination come to life. It felt all surreal, I felt like I was being reborn from the shell of an uninspired girl.

Here are one of my favorite photos from the shoot:

IMG_2484.JPGIMG_2476.JPGIMG_2486-1 2.JPGIMG_2474 2.JPG

I wish I had more equipment and be a little bit more professional with the video but hey, it’s the effort that counts, right? I hope you all enjoy my little video as much as I did creating this little project of mine. Thank you, Marcela, for believing in me and making this happen. Thank you all for the amazing support I’ve had with the pictures and now I present you a little piece that’s true to my heart.




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