Coffee Lovers meet Caffellatte

That’s right, my Trujillanos! There’s a new local in town and it is the next big thing. It is located in Plaza Encantada at the very end of the left side of the plaza. It may be small but boy/girl, I gotta tell you, the decoration is so aesthetically pleasing! IT IS SO HIPSTER AND I LIVE FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS VERY HIPSTER-THEMED. The lighting, the wood decor and their excellent creative environment makes it cozy and worth staying.

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It was 13:00 (1:00 p.m.), on a chilly rainy day and I was eyeing this shop since they’ve opened in early October. A colleague actually recommended me this place and took pictures of the place and I instantly fell in love (shoutout to Claudia, you’re the best!) I was in the mood of, guess what, a warm cup of joe. I opened the door and the first thing I hear is a Maroon 5 tune, wow in a millisecond this place has my heart I’m at a paaaayphone trying to call home all of my change I spent on youuuuu (🎶) Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

So we sat down at a table and the waiter gave us the menus. My dad, my step-mom and step-sister were all in the mood for carbs (yes, my foodies, we were in a “sandwichero” mood). This local also sells breakfast, pastas and pizzas, they have daily-specials, appetizers and of course, coffee! What I really like about this menu is that everything is under $10 dollars, I’m always representing the tacaña (cheap) crowd. Caffellatte is known for their caramel mocha so I gave it a try and my oh my, it tasted just like caramel with a small kick of coffee. My dad ordered their second best drink which is the French Vainilla. I didn’t took a sip of it because I fell in love with my caramel mocha but he told me it was the best french vainilla he’s ever tasted.

Moving to the big issue, F O O D! Like I said previously we were all in the mood for sandwich and we almost ordered every sandwich the cafe offered us in the menu. We ordered Ham and Turkey, Seasonal Grilled Cheese (mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto) and two Veggie Healthy. Knowing myself, I would’ve stuck with the same ol’ routine of choosing my liking (which would’ve been Ham and Turkey) but I was feeling adventurous that day and decided to be vegetarian that day. I ordered the Veggie Healthy, that’s right, no meat, no cheese, just a bunch of veggies.Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

It did take more than ten minutes that our food was brought to the table and I gotta say, the presentation was cute. I took a bite out of the Veggie Healthy and let’s just get this straight of the bat: THIS IS THE BEST VEGETARIAN SANDWICH THAT I HAVE EVER TASTED.

The Veggie Healthy has:

  • cherry tomatoes
  • onions
  • mushrooms (the key to my heart)
  • spinach

Let’s face it, anything with ciabatta bread will taste ridiculously amazing! Surprisingly, it complemented my coffee. I was actually worried that both, which have strong flavors, could overpower one another. Also, I took a small bite of the Seasonal Grilled Cheese and d a m n that was gloriously delicious (if you have ever eaten the roasted tomato and mozarella panini from Starbucks, it literally tastes like that and even better).

After I finished eating my veggie and healthy goodies, I was craving a sweet tooth. The waiter told me their most wanted dessert: coconut cake. My jaw literally dropped ‘cause this gal right here loves everything that has coconut in it. I couldn’t resist myself and didn’t think it twice, and ordered the coconut cake. The waiter told me if he could warm up the cake a little bit just so the thin layer of glaze melts a little bit and uhm I OBVIOUSLY SAID YES!!!cropped-img_9257.jpg

The dessert arrived three minutes after and I could smell the coconut from afar. Luckily I didn’t finished my coffee so I could pair it up with my cake. I took a bite and wow I think my tastebuds experienced the garden of Eden, Nirvana, Paradise, Heaven… YOU. NAME. IT! The cake mix also tastes purely like coconut, it is most likely they added coconut oil to it. The glaze and the coconut flakes balances the flavor really good. Overall, I recommend you try this without hesitating it.

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Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Aside from that glorious cake that blew my brains out, Caffellatte also has macaroons (they have oreo ones), yogurt, cheese, mini muffins, and much more! The next time that I go to Caffellatte I will definitely order the macaroons since that’s their second most ordered treat.

In conclusion, I loved my food, the service and the environment. However, their breakfast is until a specific hour and when we went to the shop, they weren’t serving breakfast which was a bummer. And, the times that my dad has stopped by for a coffee there’s this one specific barista that does masterpiece with the lattes. The barista gave the other day to my dad a latte art that had a drawing of a cat in it. A CAT!!! Not a heart but a freaking cat.

I liked this place a lot, though, it is very far from my home. Whenever you have to stop by el pueblo de Trujillo or by Encantadas, do not think it twice and go to this local shop. You will feel just like home with all the warm tones this place gives you. If you’re a coffee lover, just like me, Caffellatte will make your heart latir y palpitar de lo bueno que es su café!

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Processed with VSCO with e1 preset

Until next time, my coffee addicts!




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