A Big Warm “Thank you”

To be completely honest, my fellow foodies, I did not had any plans on making a blog. I thought to myself “why would I even start a blog if no one wants to actually read it”. This, the Antonmattei Project, is all new to me that I now cherish the most. It wasn’t even on my mind until I took a class called “Informática 103” in which our job as students was to create a blog and I were to post my assignments but first I had to have a theme. At first, I was skeptical of how my posts going to be since in real life I am so COLOQUIAL AND INFORMAL when I talk. I started to focus on my original theme which is “Support Our Locals” and I realized that I enjoyed doing this so much. I showed it to momma, Mrs. Antonmattei and she loved the way of how my words flowed creatively through a text post. I was even surprised at myself because I discovered that I enjoyed doing this and that my creativity can work in writing. I’m more of a visual person (pictures, movies, etc) but one thing that I always doubted myself was the creative writing.

Throughout the course, I saw how I deeply fell in love with the concept of writing and supporting locals. They’ve also, the local shop themselves, read my blog posts and it makes me so joyous that they are eager to read them. I have created contacts throughout this semester and many local shops that followed me through Instagram that to me feels like a dream come true. I have never been more interested in creating a blog dedicated to my fellow locals, it truly feels satisfying to help others and see other people happy about it. I have doubted myself far too much in this world of blogging. I hope I continue with this project for a long time, and I want to give a big warm thank you to all of you, my beautiful souls, for supporting me in every step of the way.

Here are my assignments and work done by the class:

  1. Resumen
  2. living without the internet
  3. Experiments with Media
  4. Exhibition: Petrofósil
  5. How to have creative visuals in your post
  6. Three beautiful people with three rad blogs
  7. Bibliography work
  8. Award Winning Video
  9. Find the Perfect Place: Powerpoint
  10. Power Point Presentation
  11. “Good” Mourning, America!

Overall, my blog has 20 posts and will continue to do more!

I reached almost 300 views one day (thank you all! you guys are the absolute best!)

Yours truly, A.



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