I admit it, I am a Millennial

Millennials and the internet, such a good pairing! I admit it, I am that kind of millennial that relies on the internet on so many things. My daily routine mainly revolves around the internet and social platforms.


I start my mornings by grabbing my phone and look at all the social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. After catching up on what was happening last night after I fell asleep, I get dressed and I head out to take the train, and while I arrive to my destination, I tune in on my favorite music radio application Spotify (I am constantly creating playlists and discovering new music). In the middle of the train ride, my friends start to text me in a group message on WhatsApp sending positive vibes for the day. Throughout the day, I tend to be a curious gal and search on Google my doubts or fun facts. On a regular basis, I am always thinking of creative ideas to record on Snapchat. If I feel goofy and creative (almost everyday) I tend to record myself with funny faces or say funny phrases so the people can get entertained, and perhaps laugh a little. After a day of working my butt off, I try to unwind and relax by putting on Netflix and when it’s finally bedtime I take a glimpse of every social media once again, browse on Youtube for funny or relaxing videos until I fall asleep.

The real question is: Can I go back to the “old times” and live without the Internet?

Most youngsters would say:
3x yes GIF - Yes Yeah OhYa GIFs

I’ll just stare at them like:


But I’ll give you my honest opinion, and truth to be told, I simply can’t live without the internet. Sure, I can buy CDs and rent a movie but without Internet I think I would be less curious about learning and discovering . Personally, a world without Internet is a world with less creativity. A lot of this has to do with society and if we haven’t realized, the Internet is slowly being molded as a part of your everyday life. I honestly don’t get why other generations criticize us for using the internet too much when they are also glued to their phones waiting for Facebook notifications to pop up.


I have grown various friendships throughout social media, and thanks to social platforms I have been encouraged to stay creative. Also, I have worked with small companies in order to promote them via my social media so they can get more crowds and recognition of their work and product. In addition, the Internet has offered SO. MANY. JOBS. and a million of opportunities that a few decades ago didn’t existed. A lot of previous generations (mainly Baby Boomers) really want to drag the cons of the Internet. Sure, I would love to buy Vinyl Records, go to the library to ACTUALLY read, rent movie thrillers in Video Avenue and have a normal talk with another person without having a phone to interrupt us. If you think about it, the internet has facilitated the errands of going to the movie/music stores, movie theaters, library and etc.IMG_4467.gif

We still have the opportunity to go these places but society has become lazy, including our parents. I wouldn’t say the Internet is a vital thing, but it has an important role in our lives. For me, I love the internet and honestly, I don’t imagine myself having so many connections with other people and companies without the Internet.

Yes, I admit it. I am a Millennial.





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